Welcome to Big Sur!

Big Sur is an unincorporated area of approximately 70 miles of coastline along Highway 1 in southern Monterey County.  Big Sur is stunningly beautiful.  It’s also a rugged wilderness, without many of the conveniences visitors may be accustomed to in more developed areas.  Being aware of the availability - and perhaps more importantly, the limitation - of resources, you can make your visit safer and more enjoyable for yourself, other visitors, and the people who live and work in Big Sur.  

Some things that Big Sur does not have: hospitals, lifeguards, fast-food restaurants, grocery stores (other than small convenience stores), hardware stores, department stores, auto repair shops, diesel fuel, or street lights.  The following services are available in some areas, in limited quantities: cell phone service, wi-fi, electricity, rest rooms, gasoline, propane, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores.  Many areas of Big Sur have none of the above services available.  

Life (for humans) in Big Sur revolves around Highway 1.  Driving safely and courteously, making efficient use of this thoroughfare makes all the difference.  Please browse through Driving Highway 1 to familiarize yourself with Highway 1 and how to drive it.

Enjoy your visit, connect with and respect the land, and the people who visit, live and work here.  Welcome!