At certain times of the year, Big Sur can become overwhelmingly crowded.  These times include many major U.S. holidays - New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day , and Christmas Day - and weekend days adjacent to the holidays, as well as most weekend days during the summer.  Consider avoiding Big Sur during these times if you wish to experience less-crowded conditions.

Certain destinations in Big Sur become even more so overwhelmingly crowded.  If the destinations below are overcrowded, consider bypassing them, and visiting the many other beautiful - and not as crowded - places in Big Sur.  Just drive - you'll find them.

MM = mile marker, roadside markers along Highway 1 in Monterey County that indicate the number of miles north of the border between Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties. 

MM 60   |   Bixby Bridge   |   Highway 1 / Turnout

Bixby Bridge cannot be avoided if driving from the north, but you can avoid stopping to take photos with the crowds.  Parking is limited to a few spaces on the turnout at the north end of the bridge, and on adjacent Old Coast Rd.  If you park on the turnout, ensure that you are completely off the highway, and outside of the fog line.  If you park on Old Coast Rd, do not block the road.  Families live on Old Coast Rd, and visitors frequently block access to their homes by parking inappropriately.  As pedestrians, take extreme care when crossing the highway or walking on the bridge - there are no sidewalks.  This site is known for frequent vehicle accidents and vehicle versus pedestrian accidents.


MM 46   |   Pine Ridge Trail / Sykes Campground   |   Highway 1  / Trailhead  |   831.667.2315

Pine Ridge Trail is accessed via Big Sur Station, location of the Big Sur Station Visitor Center.  Parking for access to Pine Ridge Trail is along Highway 1.  When parking, ensure that your vehicle is parked completely outside of the fog line.  Sykes Campground, a destination that usually requires an overnight stay, has become overwhelmingly crowded, as has the Pine Ridge Trail used to reach the campground.  The trail and campground is rapidly deteriorating due to overuse.  Trash, including human biological waste, is common.  Consider hiking one of Big Sur's many other beautiful - and less crowded - trails.  Pine Ridge Trail and Sykes Campground are closed due to fire and storm damage.

MM 46   |   Pfeiffer Beach   |   Highway 1 / Sycamore Canyon Rd + 2 miles   |   805.434.1996

Pfeiffer Beach is accessed via Sycamore Canyon Rd, a two-mile, one lane road.  Parking is limited at the beach, and there is NO PARKING along Sycamore Canyon Rd.  To prevent gridlock during busy times, park staff are stationed at the east end of Sycamore Canyon Rd, just off of Highway 1, to restrict vehicle access to the beach.  Families live along Sycamore Canyon Rd, and their vehicles will be on the road even when visitor vehicles are restricted.  Seasonal shuttle service between Big Sur Station Visitor Center and Pfeiffer Beach may be available.  Pedestrians are prohibited on Sycamore Canyon Rd.

MM 36   |   Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park / McWay Falls  |   52801 Highway 1   |   Big Sur, CA 93920    |   831.667.1112

Parking at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park’s parking lot is limited to only a few vehicles, so most visitors park along Highway 1.  When parking, ensure that your vehicle is parked completely outside of the fog line.  This area is heavily congested, and the highway curves where visitors park, limiting visibility.  Drive slowly through the curve.  Access to the beach is prohibited.  Do not climb down to the beach.  If you manage to climb down to the beach, and back up, without injury, you'll likely be cited.  Some visitors who attempt to access the beach are injured, some fatally.